Valuation Service

FREE Valuation! When deciding on a sales strategy it’s important to know what your assets are worth. That’s where years of experience come in. We’ll not only help you determine the value of your assets but also assist in what the best sales strategy is. Of course all of our valuations come with no obligations.

When choosing IAAS you can feel confident in our experience and expertise. All IAAS appraisers are:

  • Fully Certified
  • Participate in continuing education
  • Study and understand marketing trends
  • Have experience with many sales strategies

The sales associates are all certified appraisers at IAAS and the will share their knowledge of auctions and machinery values. We believe an auction company is not doing their job, unless they meet the client’s needs. Each sales associate takes many hours of continuing education to be at the cutting edge of pricing, appraising, market trends as well as knowing what is transpiring in the actual auction sale environment.

Call us today to setup a free valuation of your equipment!

Appraisal Service

A certified, on-staff appraiser will conduct an inspection of an asset or group of assets and provide a documented full inventory of the equipment, condition report and value. The appraisal report will be submitted with pictures of all major items in electronic and hard copy format. The approach to value can represent Fair Market Value (2), Orderly Liquidation Value or (3) In-Place Value (4). Depending on specified goals, our asset management service will recommend a proper approach. Our appraisers are qualified and certified under USPAP federal law.

Industrial Audit Service

The Industrial Audit is a lower cost alternative to the full-blown appraisal. A set daily fee allows our client to determine the extent of the information required. A typical Industrial Audit is completed by an asset management services employee for a secured lender or law firm that needs to verify collateral counts, conditions and marketability of an asset. Many times this is written into a lending contract for annual confirmation of collateral. The audit also often precedes a lawsuit, when a lender needs to decide if the collateral is worth attaching.